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•  San José area
•  Jacó
•  Playa Hermosa
•  Puerto Viejo
•  Quepos
•  Manuel Antonio
•  Arenál
•  Monteverde
•  Tamarindo
•  Dominical
•  Mal País
•  Montezuma
•  Pavones

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They say that the small details make a good vacation, and we say that some “details” like your hotel room are not small at all...
In Costa Rica, two hotels can be located at the same spot and charge the same price, yet you can have the time of your life in one and be uncomfortable and angry at the other. This website provides short and invaluable information for planning a good vacation in Costa Rica and will also help you not to “fall into” a bad hotel. We have visited all the hotels we recommend and we promote only those which we found nice, friendly, clean, and fairly priced.
In addition we have tried to give a few useful tips from our experience, specific to every destination and activity in our menus. Costa Rica is an amazing holiday destination, made even better with a little help from the inside.
Please feel free to contact us with any question or request you might have, or to update us if the hotel you chose did not live up to the expectations we gave you.

Have a beautiful journey : )



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General tips when searching for a hotel room in Costa Rica

1) If you're going anywhere on the Easter week or around Christmas, you’ll need to make a reservation a long time in advance. The whole country is goes on vacation in these periods and everywhere is fully booked. From May to November reservations are not needed in most places.

2) Hotel rates during the off-season period (May-November) should be about 80-90% lower than high season rates.

3) Make sure the price you get includes all taxes. Not all businesses include them when they name their prices.

4) You'll be able to pay in dollars almost anywhere, but note that you’ll probably get the change in colones.

5) Most small hotels and cabins won’t accept credit cards.





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